The Big Deal

The Big Deal was a social reconstruction of Soviet culture after the war that instituted new ideas to include a boost in the economy.  My post will focus on this exactly looking at an artifact from Mass Culture in Soviet Russia edited by James con Geldern and Richard Stites. The piece I looked at is from page 411 of the book that is titled “Cossacks of the Kuban”. This is a script for a Stalinist postward film that depicts an economy in Russia that was more developed than it was at the time. Fields of Grain to be harvested and traded and markets full of consumer goods were depicted in the film to propose an idea of boosted economy for the Soviets (p.411 of Mass Culture in Soviet Russia). This is still a communist country but this new idea of a boosted economy almost entertains the idea of moving towards a more capitalist framework in the sense of economics.

One comment

  1. A. Nelson · November 3, 2015

    This is such an interesting framework for the Big Deal, but tell me more! How did the film articulate the values of the “Big Deal”? What were the cultural components of the Big Deal anyway?


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